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About Mercedes Motoring

In the fall of 2003 I purchased my first Mercedes-Benz for $700 and Mercedes Motoring was born. It was a 1979 300SD painted in faded maple yellow and sunburned bamboo. Bringing that car back to life taught me a lot about Mercedes-Benz, but more importantly I had finally found something I loved to do. My mother still banters with me about my nine years of college to restore cars.

Back in Nevada where I grew up I lived next door to a Mercedes-Benz mechanic who was always going on-and-on about the immortality of the Mercedes-Benz diesel. So, given my knack for entrepreneurship and my unconventional ways of making a living I wholeheartedly accepted the rare opportunity to follow my heart and pay my rent too.

Over time my new business grew and so did my philosophy on restoring cars: make the next one even better than the last. I try to set myself apart in the world of classic Mercedes-Benz, by putting my heart into everything I do.

Why I love Mercedes-Benz, — specifically Mercedes-Benz diesels produced between 1968 and 1985 — is simple: in my opinion they are the best mass-production cars ever made. In today's market they are an even greater value, given the environmental advantages of reusing a reliable, safe, fuel-efficient car instead of building a new one. Add this to their unique alternative fuel options, and Mercedes-Benz diesels are an extremely great buy. The longevity of these cars is validated by their common place on today’s roads, and they continue to appreciate considerably. The best example I can provide is this: when buying a new car you are faced with gross depreciation and a huge environmental manufacturing impact. When buying a classic Mercedes-Benz you have little to no depreciation, and minimal materials are needed to make these cars like new again. You also have numerous options for renewable and reusable fuel sources. Not to mention the fun you’ll have driving one of these unique, comfortably worn-in beauties!

J.G. Francis
Owner, Mercedes Motoring

What I Do

The cars I choose to acquire and restore start with several golden rules:

  • low mileage and mostly original with respect to paint, interior, and drivetrain
  • extensive documented history validating their low mileage
  • well-maintained and garage-kept

From there I begin the process of restoring these cars back to their original factory condition, which involves a long list of trade secrets and substantial costs. Although I have some of the best cars in existence to begin with, the process of getting them to look and drive like they did when new generally takes 6-8 weeks.

How to Purchase

Two ways to acquire a car from me:

  • Purchase one that has already been through the restoration process and is for sale on the home page.
  • Tell me exactly what you want and I'll find it. I ask for a $1,500 deposit to begin the search.

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