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Turbo Diesel Station Wagon

1981 300TD Turbo Diesel Station Wagon

  • The lowest mileage station wagon in Mercedes Motoring history...
  • 31,000 original miles since new!
  • Manganese Brown Metallic with Palomino MB-Tex
  • 100% original paint, extensively documented
  • One owner from new until 2015
  • The price reflects the extreme rarity of such low miles and condition
  • Undoubtedly one of the best W123 wagons in the world
  • Sold

I often get asked why cars come back for sale occasionally at Mercedes Motoring like this wagon. There are countless reasons, but here are a few of the most likely. One common situation is that some collectors do not keep their cars for very long. They move through them fast and are constantly buying and selling. I also offer a great buyback program, so I generally get the chance to buy cars back before they might go for sale on the open market. Also, sometimes customers decide they want to change it up and go from say a 300TD wagon to a coupe, or maybe a sedan to an SL. Other times people relocate and might not have the same room they had before to keep a car in their garage. The reasons are endless. All this said, most of the time I sell a car I sadly never see it again. The average buyer tends to keep their prized piece for many years, which is actually what I love to see most. Please email me if you are interested: