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Beater 1980 300TD


Ok, so this is a true beater in every sense of the word. Original paint code shows as Apricot from the factory. Clearly it's black now, with cream velour. Don't get too excited here. It has an oil leak, coolant leak, the a/c doesn't work, it shifts a little funny, the paint is rough, etc., but that's the bad news. Now the good news! The chrome Bundt rims are brand new, as are the 205/70/R14 Firestone tires (and freshly zinc plated lug nuts). The wheel setup alone would cost about $1,500 plus. It runs (rough), but it runs. I've put about 500 miles on the car in the past year or so running errands to and from the junkyard. It's great for hauling parts. For fun one week we polished this baby to the core! Even the exposed Bondo on the hood shines like a jewel. I have a clean CA title in my name and the registration is good through August of this year. I'm hoping for a local buyer, but I'm open to shipping it off as well. I just feel like a local buyer would get a much better sense for the condition. I don't want to spend too much time trying to explain all the little stuff to a buyer sight unseen. It would be best not to have unrealistic expectations considering the price and the wheels. Ok, that's it.....wait, one last thing -- it comes with a license plate frame that reads INTIMIDATOR! Which is obviously what we named him.