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Gasoline Coupe

1973 250C Gasoline Coupe

  • Ultra rare Green with Parchment MB-Tex
  • European Delivery Program
  • 100% original paint
  • 67,000 documented miles since new (complete books)
  • Manual windows, manual door locks
  • No air conditioning, no cruise control, no center armrest
  • 7 years of ownership
  • New home, my garage!
  • Sold

This gasoline model 250 coupe is one of the coolest cars I've ever restored. It's so basic, which means not much can go wrong. I have it set up on 15" steel wheels which I pulled from a W115 ambulance and brand new OEM matching 15" stainless steel polished wheel covers. It's slightly lowered but not enough to sacrifice the ride. It handles like new; the suspension and steering are so tight it's incredible (lowering probably helped). It tracks perfectly, even when you stomp on the brakes at high speeds, and it has a ton of power. The exhaust has a deep, low rumble, which took a lot to perfect. It just sounds so damn good. It has a really sleek/tough look. I've spent the past two years fine tuning everything. You name it, I've probably rebuilt or tinkered with it. The paint is completely original, and I refinished the wood recently with Macassar Ebony, a throwback to the '60s. I consider this one of the finest W114s around. I plan on adding a full set of photos soon... (NOTE: 15" wheels and white steering wheel not included in purchase. Original 14" rims and steering wheel included in sale.)