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Hanomag Camper

1971 206D Hanomag Camper

  • (Sorry for the crumby photos. Planning a real photo shoot soon!)
  • Both with Green exterior with sunburst tweed interior
  • 75,000 miles since new / 96,000 miles since new
  • 4-cylinder diesel with manual 4-speed transmission
  • Fully optioned campers
  • New home, Santa Cruz, California
  • Sold


I'll start with I have TWO of these 206D Hanomag Campers. These photos are just snapshots I had from my phone. I can send others upon request. They are more or less identical. Both are 1971 models painted in factory Green. Extremely rare European import examples that practically don't exist in the United States. I would like to sell them as a package deal. That's probably going to be challenging for most buyers, but I think the idea has its benefits to the end user. They are both 'project level' examples with a lot of potential and very good bones. One runs and drives, albeit barely. The other runs but needs the new transmission which I sourced installed. The value in these is in their rarity. To properly explain them and give an accurate evaluation of both will take a phone call. Shoot me an email with your contact info and let's chat if you're interested. I am invested in them more than the asking price, which should show I am motivated to sell. I am preparing for some big changes at Mercedes Motoring in 2019, and thinning the personal projects is an important component to the plan. It will be hard to see them go, but the idea that with a little time and effort someone else will have them back in the wild is very exciting. Email: